Eurovision Song Contest voting data mapped

It is time for the European championship of neighbour voting again, that is the Eurovision Song Contest. I came across a great dataset last weekend with all the entries since 1998 including voting data. I wrote a Ruby script that reshaped the list of entries into nodes and links, which made it possible to construct a network analysis. With a bit of Excel magic I managed to put together an interactive Protovis visualization (opens in new window):

Click to open the interactive visualization.

A few things to note:

  • Displayed here are the links between countries that, in average, give each other the highest points.
  • I have filtered links with a count of two or less. In other words: a country must have gotten points from another country at least three times to get a link. That means you won’t find a country like Cyprus in the network.
  • You need an updated browser to view the visualization.

Want to build your own visualization?