Twitter proofs: winter is good

I’ve been getting a lot of complaints on my Facebook feed lately about the weather just because of a few cold days. For some reason people expect February to be a spring month nowadays. I’d say global warming isn’t quite there yet.

I wanted to find out what the (Swedish) Twitter community has had to say about the weather last couple of days. For me (a person who enjoys a good cold and snowy winter) the results were positive:

“Wonderful”, “beautiful” and “fantastic” are some of the words Twitter users have used to describe the weather last couple of days. I think they have been right.

How did I do this? It was quite simple actually.

  • I started off with a simple scrape of a search for “väder” on (only Swedish and excluding posts including “darth” – the search engine does not see the difference between “väder” and “vader”). Again, Scraper Wiki provided a good base for the script.
  • I then pasted all the scraped tweets in Wordle, removed a bounch of irrelevant small words and some verbs.

Easy as that.