Growing open data movement in Finland

I’ve been psyched to learn about a number of very interesting Finnish data projects last couple of days. Here are a few initiatives that I really want to push (most of them only in Finnish unfortunately):

  • This site opened yesterday after Big Clean Screen Scraping event in Jyväskylä this weekend. The idea is to gather open data about candidates in the parliamentary elections – political promises, campaign financing data, statements and so on.
  • HS Open. The leading Finnish news paper Helsingin Sanomat has taken a progressive role in data journalism by opening up the data from its voting advice application. Last week it arranged a workshop about how this data could be put to use. I couldn’t participate myself, but some very inspiring ideas seem to have emerged from the seminar. One idea is a game where the user has to stabilize the state budget by making her own cuts – a test few politicians seem to be willing to take now before the elections.
  • Helsinki region infoshare. In an attempt to make public data more accessible Helsinki and the neighbouring cities in the metropolitan area has just opened up a portal for public data. I’ve written about this project myself in an article in Finlands kommuntidning (in Swedish). I haven’t had time to examine the site myself yet, but the idea is great.