Kepa revisited: Nato, climate change and free trade

I recently scraped and downloaded all the answers from the voting advice application (vaalikone) of Kepa and did a simple visualization that showed the lack of difference between the candidates in the biggest parties in Finland on migration policy. I used the same material to analyze the opinions on Nato, climate change and free trade. These conclusions can be drawn.
Finnish parties on Nato according to Kepa vaalikone

Is Finland joiing Nato? Nope. Kokoomus and SFP holds a few supports, but most candidates appose Finnish membership.

Finnish parties on climate change according to Kepa vaalikone

How is concerned about the climate? Not surprisingly the left-green parties. Greens and leftists almost the same, socialdemocrats slightly more skepctical.

Finnish parties on free trade according to Kepa vaalikone

Free trade? It’s all the same. Surprisingly small differences here. Rightwing Kokoomus most positive to free trade policies.

This is my second project in Many Eyes. I like the output, but the platform could be much more user friendly. You can’t for example go back and edit an uploaded dataset, which means a lot of extra work if you find an error. In this case I would also have wanted the possibility to change colors according to my own choice.

Want to use the data yourself? You’ll find the complete dataset on Google Docs.