Finnish regional maps as GeoJSON and KML

I recently wrote a tutorial on how you can easily make Choropleth maps in CartoDB using Quantum GIS. In May 2012 The National Land Survey of Finland published all their maps as open data. However, to be able to use these maps as a layer in a Choropleth map, as I did in the tutorial (or use them in Google Fusion Tables), one has to convert them to GeoJSON or KML.

I’ve done this conversion with the following three maps:

This is what I’ve done with the maps:

  • Converted the coordinates to the international WGS-84 standard that is used on Google Maps and Open Street Map.
  • Removed some of the redudant metadata.
  • Separated the Finnish and the Swedish names.

And this is the structure of the file:

 <ExtendedData><SchemaData schemaUrl="#finland___kunnat">
 <SimpleData name="nationalCode">5</SimpleData>
 <SimpleData name="Country">FI</SimpleData>
 <SimpleData name="name_fi">Alajärvi</SimpleData>
 <SimpleData name="name_se">Alajärvi</SimpleData>
 <MultiGeometry><Polygon><outerBoundaryIs><LinearRing><coordinates>24.300936607207401,62.988353152727697 24.1822964378708,63.013273631378503 24.092852576246401,62.963552436411398 24.028940138925702,62.971858203572303 23.9919641295544,62.860918645418401 24.1434332213781,62.8312174475994 24.039521449278698,62.736484197242802 23.931593904759598,62.750925813599999 23.8470488416759,62.7626058981621 23.5194711620946,62.919628295888302 23.490324658149401,62.949961196528001 23.500768587593701,62.979037193885802 23.7156383692279,63.111901184985797 23.750387026364798,63.075485361217602 24.170771051147199,63.147998341739601 24.359007626177601,63.116429509327702 24.2780166789804,63.064375353758201 24.300936607207401,62.988353152727697</coordinates></LinearRing></outerBoundaryIs></Polygon></MultiGeometry>

Feel free to use them. More details on the terms of use at National Land Survey.

Kartta: Suomen kunnat, maakunnnat ja aluehallintovirastot GeoJSON- ja KML-muodossa
Karta: Finlands kommuner, regioner och regionförvaltningsverk i GeoJSON och KML-format

5 Comments on “Finnish regional maps as GeoJSON and KML”

  1. pos says:


    Maybe we should prepare also SVG-files for journalists. How about municipality changes on 2013?


  2. […] Hae Jens Finnäsin sivuilta Suomen kunnat KML-muodossa ja tallenna ne […]

  3. William Paix says:

    The links are no longer working?

    I’d love to use this data. Thanks for your work, much appreciated!

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