Finland on Facebook – according to candidates

With whom should Finland be friends on Facebook? Helsingin Sanomat asked this question of all the candidates in the parliamentary elections. I screen scraped that the 1747 answers to see what they thought. If the candidates would get to choose, Finland’s Facebook profile would look something like this:

1057 friends in common
885 friends in common
595 friends in common
591 friends in common
373 friends in common
219 friends in common
145 friends in common
119 friends in common
71 friends in common
61 friends in common

So Russia is apparently our best friend. Or at least that is what we want to make them believe. Cuba ends up surprisingly high, but that is much beacuse of the Communist Party that is still keeping it real.

You’ll find the data on Google Docs if you want to examine it yourself.

6 Comments on “Finland on Facebook – according to candidates”

  1. Staffan says:

    What’s the deal with Persut and Norway? I didn’t know that they were BFF:s.

    • Jens Finnäs says:

      I guess they were missing the option “we don’t need friends, prkl, they just take our jobs”. At least Norway has oil. Maybe they won’t take our jobs.

    • foobar says:

      I believe the sympathy for Denmark and Norway is a result of perceiving them having less sympathetic immigration policies towards “welfare immigrants” and those that basically choose to go on religious warpath against the country that’s giving them usually much more than just a shelter. The policies may seem pretty marginal in this context, but the difference in political debate is drastic when it’s compared with the fact how the negative aspects of the subject are total taboos in Swedish society, politics and media. Many in Finland are eager to ape anything Swedes are doing, and this is obviously a way to express protest on the subject.

      On more general sense, Russia is much “friended” out of fear (and old memory of Finlandized submission), while Sweden is considered relatively harmless neighbor with many values shared – even envied by some. Estonia gets sympathy for the shared language family aspect and general interest of Finns for it. These three are those that don’t really need explaining to voters, all the rest do.

  2. t says:

    No it wouldn’t. They were asked to give three countries, not ten. If they would have given ten countries the end of the list would probably be quite different.

    Learn to research.

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