Vaalikone of Yle scraped and ready to download

The public broadcaster Yle published its voting advice application (vaalikone) last week (in Finnish and Swedish only, which is quite a shame for a public broadcaster – should we not encourage new citizens to take part in politics?). I took the chance to practice some screen scraping skills. You’ll find the result here:

1585 candidates answered the 35 questions, which means you got a pretty interesting set of data. A first analysis and visualization on one of the questions is coming up shortly.

A few remarks:

  • Questions 31-33 have been left out, because they were different in every district and therefore not comparable.
  • Question 34 is multiple choice and therefore listed in several columns.
  • Questions and answers are listed in the second sheet of the spreadsheet in Google Docs.



Edit: The dataset has been updated with a new scrape from 24.3.2011.

11 Comments on “Vaalikone of Yle scraped and ready to download”

  1. apoikola says:

    Kiitos, lisäsin tämän myös datalistaukseen. Uteliaisuuttani kysyn, että mitä työkaluja käytit scrappaamiseen?

  2. Hyvää settiä, katson minkälaisen verkoston noista saisi tehtyä: kenen vastaukset ovat samankaltaisia jne.

    Omistaako Yle datan?

  3. l984 says:

    Moi, miten sait nuo luvut YLEstä ulos? 😮

    Voisitko päivittää taulukon – monet ehdokkaat ovat lisänneet vastauksensa 21.3. jälkeen.


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